Faith communities often underutilize their property because they don't know how to access professionals who can help them evaluate their properties potential and access financing to further their mission.

We help to educate and empower congregations to further leverage their space, and help congregations maintain their mission and access tools to reevaluate the potential of their property.


The Partnership aims to address the twin problems of homelessness and the shortage of affordable housing

and to stem gentrification and displacement, which are exacerbated by the practice of houses of worship selling their property to developers, displacing local populations and resulting in less diverse communities.

Our goal is to help expand access to deeply affordable housing by providing pre-development evaluation, resources, and recoverable grants to faith-based organizations.


The Partnership offers unbiased pre-development funding and resources

Some congregations are considering developing affordable housing but are cautious to proceed. Development and finance partners are necessary in housing development. However, they often don’t provide sound advice that builds trust, and helps congregations make the most considered decisions.

The Partnership offers unbiased pre-development funding and resources, including professionals and learning workshops for housing providers and the faith community to learn how to effectively collaborate with one another, and provides small pre-development grants for technical assistance.

Downloadable Resources

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