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Many congregations do not realize that their buildings are exempt from property tax.

The savings from which can be redirected to mission-oriented projects. Bricks and Mortals can help you begin the process of filing your tax-exempt paperwork.

Keeping up to date

It’s important to keep up to date with your tax-exempt paperwork, which must be filed annually.

If it isn’t filed and you do not pay property taxes, your building can end up in a tax lien auction, where the city seizes your property and sells it. If you are having trouble navigating the annual paperwork or have found your building on a tax lien sale list, reach out to Bricks and Mortals for help.

Source Fund For Your Congregation

Eligible Funding

01. Grants

As a member of Bricks and Mortals, your congregation has access to our portal which features grants and other funding opportunities to support your work in your community. If the cost of membership is a barrier to your organization, Bricks and Mortals has full and partial scholarships available.

02. Space Sharing

In Summer of 2022, Bricks and Mortals will launch Venuely, an online platform that matches mission-aligned renters with houses of worship that are seeking to rent out their spaces. Learn more about space sharing initiatives on our “space sharing” page.

03. Other opportunities

Congregations find all sorts of ways to generate revenue, ranging from embracing solar power to online giving campaigns. View our case studies page for more information on how other congregations have worked to monetize their assets.

Downloadable Resources

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Looking to preserve your space through a variety of creative strategies?