Bricks & Mortals We connect congregations to experts and financial resources so houses of worship can thrive in NYC

We empower faith-based organizations in NYC to maximize their buildings and property to serve their communities.

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About Bricks & Mortals

We provide creative and sustaining solutions to help houses of worship thrive amidst the costly and challenging landscape of operating in New York City.

Bricks and Mortals is a grassroots membership organization comprised of individuals and organizations from faith-based institutions and real-estate experts.

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How We Serve

Bricks and Mortals is a grassroots membership-driven organization comprised of individuals and organizations from faith-based institutions and the real-estate community. We empower faith-based organizations by impartially providing connections to resources, connections and trainings to maximize and monetize their real property to support mission, benefit the community, and continue their good work.

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We Gather, Educate & Advise

faith-based institutions in New York City facing the challenge of staying open and mission-consistent in the context of aging buildings, declining membership, and rising real estate costs

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We Document

the variety of creative strategies that religious institutions might develop to sustain themselves and continue to provide their essential services to New York City

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We Raise Public Awareness

of the rich resources houses of worship provide to New York City regardless of faith, including social services, social justice advocacy, cultural programming, arts space, after-school programs, and community meeting space

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We Advocate

for faith-based institutions’ needs regarding real property, mission, and community service and educate the public and local officials regarding the same

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Our Latest Project: Venuely

Many congregations are overwhelmed with surplus space, and are open to sharing space with other community minded and oriented groups, but often do not have a system or staffing in place to do so. 

Meanwhile, artists and community groups struggling to find adequate affordable space may not know local houses of faith could be made available - as well as have the necessary amenities, including heat, air conditioning, and multiple bathrooms. 

Venuely is an easy-to-use website for sacred spaces to list spaces within their facility they would like to rent, and allow artists, community groups, and others to rent those spaces. 

This will help congregations to not only survive through the post-pandemic world but to help them to thrive, enhancing their mission, by serving their community.

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Bricks and Mortals bring together religious professionals and advocacy organizations and plays an important role as convener to help congregations thrive in NYC

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● Network of New York City faith-based organization and real estate community

● Bi-monthly Membership Meetings, including case studies and resources

● Events throughout the year relevant to faith-based organizations and the real estate community on on-going and new issues

● Exclusive Webinars content

● Citywide property reports and vulnerability mapping of houses of faith and so much more!

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