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Mission-Driven Real Estate Development

We help congregations throughout NYC understand their properties’ potential, and work with partners committed to mission-driven development.

Pre-Development Funding

We directly provide pre-development funding, as well as help source pre-development funding, through the Partnership for Faith-Based Affordable Housing and Community Development.

Monetizing Your Assets

Many congregations do not realize that their buildings are exempt from property tax, the savings from which can be redirected to mission-oriented projects. Bricks and Mortals can help you begin the process of filing your tax-exempt paperwork.

Space Uses for Houses of Faith

Our mission is to provide creative and sustaining solutions to help houses of worship of all faiths thrive amidst the costly and challenging NYC landscape.

Connecting Congregations to Experts

Whether considering adaptive reuse of current property, or full scale development, it is imperative that congregations be connected with experts who work exclusively for them.