Sharing Your Sacred Space Now and Post-Covid (Bricks and Mortals Quarterly Event & NYSCOC "Who Is My Neighbor" Seminar Series)


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This Zoom event goes over the conversation with colleagues and experts that will inspire you to live into the biblical command of love our neighbor and our neighborhoods by:

*Thinking in new ways about your mission to reach out communities to revitalize and grow. How can our congregations work to offer hospitality to the stranger and strengthen a social fabric that can leave so many feeling isolated and fearful of others.

*Embracing the riches of your theological traditions, to address attitudinal and legal barriers which prevent your neighborhood and region from welcoming people of all incomes and races and helping them to live, work and participate in your local economy. We’ll help you identify the architectural, zoning, financial and social barriers in your towns that prevent inclusion and cause our economies to suffer. We will discuss how faith communities reclaim their visibility and leadership in their communities to make needed changes to build the community we want.

*Renovate and improve your property which may be underutilized, under supported, or in poor condition to further your mission. We will show a variety of real-life examples of congregations who have found creative ways to extend their mission and redevelop their property for the benefit of the community while improving space for fellowship and worship. Many have also built affordable housing, created arts and community spaces, planted community gardens and developed schools and educational programs.


Faith leaders, trustees, governing board members and congregants from mosques, temples, synagogues, churches, and other religious communities which want to reflect theologically on how they can offer bold hospitality to their neighbors and bring down attitudinal, legal and other barriers which prevent from full participation in the local and regional economy.

Congregations who wish to more fully use their existing property for mission and seek to diversify their income stream to support their ministry.

Congregations who might be able to use their property to build affordable housing, schools, arts centers, community spaces and other facilities.

Community activists who wish to collaborate with faith communities to do justice.

Representatives from the planning, legal, architectural, development, finance, government, non-profit and for profit communities who want to build connections with the faith community and help congregations extend their mission, do justice and better use their property.


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Zoom Event
November 2, 2020
9:00 am
9:00 am
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Zoom Event

Access Passcode: &*m!1d5h