Trinity - Reverend William M. James Senior Building (Bronx, NY)

affordable housing

Bronx Pro Group has partnered with the United Methodist City Society (UMCS) to transform a former church site, at 1080 Washington Avenue in the Bronx, into senior housing. The project, called Trinity - Reverend William M. James Senior Building, will provide housing for 154 seniors, with 57 supportive units set aside for formerly homeless seniors. In addition to providing much needed affordable housing, the project will also provide community space, an exercise room, an indoor greenhouse, a garden and outdoor gym for residents. 

The Trinity - Reverend William M. James Senior Building will also boast in-building sustainability features and have received Enterprise Green Community Criteria and the Energy Star’s Multifamily High Rise Programs. The project sits on the former site of UMCS’s Trinity Church and is set to be completed in 2021. 


Image Source: Bronx Pro 

Space Use: 

Affordable Units 

Supportive Units 

Community Space 

Exercise Room 

Indoor Greenhouse 


Outdoor Gym

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