The Robeson (New York, NY)

affordable housing

The Robeson is an M/WBE mixed income project by Lemor Development Group LLC. The project consists of a 79-unit new construction multifamily affordable housing development on two privately-owned vacant parcels and 3 city-owned parcels in Harlem. One of the vacant parcels was previously owned by the Downtown Baptist Church, Inc. (the “Church”) which was sold to Lemor Development Group LLC in return for a newly constructed Church condominium unit in the new building. Additionally, the project consists of 1 commercial space and 1 community facility space. The residential units for the building will consist of 16 studio units, 25 one-bedroom units, 31 two-bedroom units, and 6 three-bedroom units. 

As counsel to Lemor Development Group LLC, Goldstein Hall successfully negotiated and crafted a church development agreement with the Church and Lemor Development Group LLC. Additionally, Goldstein Hall successfully shepherd the project through an acquisition closing and a construction loan closing consisting of approximately $45,000,000 in private and public financing(1).

Stakeholders: Lemor Development Group LLC (represented by Goldstein Hall), Downtown Baptist Church

Image Sources: (1) City Realty, (2) Lemor Development Group

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