Bethesda United Methodist Church (Asheville, NC) & Haw Creek Commons (Asheville, NC)

economic development

The efforts to createthe Haw Creek Commons community center - which is really a coworking space,mixed creative art studios, and commercial kitchen - was supported by theBethesda United Methodist Church and the Missional Wisdom Foundation inAsheville, North Carolina. While the initial intent was for Bethesda to adapt to shifting realities in attendance and budget shared by many American, space sharing has had a positive effect on the congregation.[1] As the space has grown to accommodate members from outside the Bethesda UMC family, the size of the congregation has increased substantially. [2]


Inside of Haw Creek Commons

Space Uses:

A co-working space,

textile and wood-working shop

meeting rooms

a retreat space that can sleep up to nine

commercial kitchen

community garden

food forest



and a playground.



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