Announcing the 53rd Annual Lumen Awards Winners (New York City)


The New York Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNYC) has announced the 2021 winners of the Annual Lumens Award, which recognizes excellence in the lighting design industry. Three projects received a Lumen Award for Excellence, seven projects received Awards of Merit, and four others received Citations. One current FBO, Saint Thomas Church, and one former faith property, now the home of Fotografiska New York, were among the winners of the Lumen Award for Excellence, the highest level of application for permanent architectural application for lighting projects.

Saint Thomas Church, New York, NY; Renfro Design Group - Richard Renfro, Sarah Randall, Silvia Mazzarri, Fabio Tuchiya, and Jenny Stafford

The approach for the relighting of this landmarked church pays homage to the beauty and awe of this Gothic Revival sacred space while providing the benefits of new technologies, reduced maintenance, and improved efficiency. With over 80 different zones of light and as many programmed scenes, the new lighting is flexible enough to meet all program requirements.

Fotografiska New York, New York, NY; Kugler Ning Lighting - Jerry Kugler, Michele Clement, Yungbin Kim, Damian VanCamp, Terry Nelson, and Chandej (Joe) Nakalertkavee

The landmarked Renaissance Revival Church Missions House has been adaptively reused as a photography museum. The use of low-profile façade lighting unifies the stone exterior and frames the interior spaces, from the ground floor bookshop and café to the second-floor restaurant and galleries above with LED fixtures, individually selected for optical control and high color rendering.


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