Partners for Sacred Places Announces 2020 Awards for Religious Architecture


Partners for Sacred Places has awarded the 2020 Faith and Form/ID International Architecture Awards for Religious Architecture & Art in: 

Religious Architecture/New Facilities

Lyle and Grace Prescott Memorial Prayer Chapel Point Loma Nazarene University , San Diego, California. Architect: Carrier Johnson + CULTURE, San Diego, California

Jiao-xi Presbyterian Church Yilan County, Taiwan. Architect: Ambi. Studio / Wei-Li Liao Architect, Taichung City, Taiwan

Sacred Heart Chapel and Parish Hall Coronado, California; Architect: dommusstudio architecture, San Diego, California

Shari-la, Takamatsu, Japan; Architect: UA architects, Kanagawa, Japan

Saint Nicholas Temple Complex, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia; Architect: Architectural Bureau MARH, Moscow, Russia

Westbourne Park Baptist Church, London, England; Architect: Allies and Morrison, London, England

Religious Architecture/Renovation

St. Peter’s Parish Multipurpose Space, Kansas City, Missouri; Architect: SFS Architecture, Kansas City, Missouri

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Victoria, Australia; Architect: Law Architects, Victoria, Australia

Bigelow Chapel Renovation/Addition, Watertown, Massachusetts; Architect: William Rawn Associates, Architects, Boston, Massachusetts

Religious Architecture/Restoration

Miami Beach Community Church, Miami Beach, Florida; Architect: RLA Conservation of Art + Architecture, Los Angeles, California

Liturgical/Interior Design

Westin Miyako Kyoto Chapel Renovation, Kyoto, Japan; Architect: KATORI archi+design associates, Tokyo, Japan

Religious Arts/Visual Arts

“Via Dolorosa”, Chapel, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri; Artist: William Frank, St. Louis, Missouri

“Guardian Angel”, St. Colmcille’s Church, Holywood, Northern Ireland; Artist: Helen McLean, McLean Fine Arts, Wexford, Ireland

Sacred Landscapes

Tri-Faith Commons, Omaha, Nebraska; Design Lead: Landscape Architecture, TEN x TEN , Minneapolis, Minnesota; Project Lead: Bridge Development, HGA, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ullem Chapel, Moravia, Iowa; Architect: ASK Studio, Moravia, Iowa

Student Work

The Sliding Chapel, Byblos, Lebanon; Design and Fabrication: Kieran Donnellan + MEDS, Dublin, Ireland

Dominican Convent in Nisida Islet, Naples, Italy; Designer: José C. Díaz Linares, Canary Islands, Spain

New New England Church, Plymouth, Massachusetts; Designer: Vivian Kuong, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Photo Credits: 

Partners for Sacred Places

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

Ambi. Studio / Wei-Li Liao Architect

dommusstudio architecture

UA architects

SFS Architecture

KATORI archi+design associates

Helen McLean


Vivian Kuong

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