Bricks and Mortals Biannual Report 2021-2023

Bricks and Mortals is pleased to share its second Biannual Report 2021-2023.

For Bricks & Mortals, 2021-2023 has been a period of expanding opportunities, increased connectivity, and deepening impact. 

We went into — and came out of — a pandemic, causing many congregations in the City (and around the world) to rethink their spaces, their communities, and the interplay between the two. 

During this two-year period, we brought on five cohort coaches, launched our space-sharing website, Venuely, held 11 public events, developed an Action Plan for the Working Group, and held the Faith-Based Affordable Housing Summit – and more.

We have accomplished great things, and we have greater things still to do.

Download and read the full report here.

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