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Applications open now for Sustainable Solutions for Sacred Sites!

Is your congregation interested in restoring and reviving your sacred real estate?

Your congregation can live another day to pray another way - restore and revive your sacred real estate, and continue to serve your community.

Apply now to the S4 program!

Congregational Learning Process (CLP)

Drawing on insights from religious leaders and knowledgeable church consultants, the CLP will create learning communities for both pastoral and lay leaders. Working directly with groups of congregations to guide congregations through a carefully designed learning process, this includes trainings, guidance, and - above all - community.

The CLP will show congregations that they are not alone in these struggles, but actually facing a common set of problems and opportunities. We involve the community themselves in the solutions rather than outsiders coming in with solutions.

This community can help congregations find the direction and motivation needed to engage optimistically in adaptive reuses of their sacred spaces. Through the CLP, congregations will gain clarity about their own values and mission, and learn how to adapt their ministries to their changing contexts, while drawing on practices from their theological and ecclesial traditions.

 Four targeted trainings over two years (2022-2023) designed for your needs, delivered by experts from Partners for Sacred Spaces & Bricks and Mortals

What We Offer

● Final Convening of All National Cohort Members in 2024

● A Local Coach Offering On-Going Education and Support

● Technical Assistance on Projects to Adapt Your Space

● Connect Your Congregation to Experts and Training

● 3-5 Clergy and Lay Leadership to Attend All Training Sessions

How to be part of the S4 Program and receive Support

If your congregation is one of the five selected cohort cities, apply by Friday, July 2, 2021.

S4 will develop cohorts of five churches in five cities across the nation: Chicago (IL), Long Beach (CA), New York City (NY), New Orlean (LA), and Pittsburgh (PA).

Based on the principles of action-reflection and experiential learning, training will be custom-designed to meet the needs of participants and individual Cohorts.

When participants leave the course, they will have a specific action plan for the future of their property.

Contact us if you have any questions, or would like to set up a call or information session: 

Apply now!

Looking to preserve your space through a variety of creative strategies?